Festivals and Celebrations in Valencia

Valencia is known all over the world for its Fallas. These fiestas came into being to celebrate the arrival of spring by burning, and thus purifying, everything old and negative from the previous year. Today's Fallas are all this and much more. They are a whole culture in themselves and part of the way of life in Valencia. Las Fallas represent the Valencian character – love of art, spectacle, noise, gunpowder and the ephemeral.

Las Fallas surprise all visitors: for five days the streets are filled with true works of art made from papier-mâché. Complicated statues several metres high which seem to defy gravity. These satirical monuments are the fruit of the labours of the Falla artists, craftsmen who spend a whole year almost exclusively dedicated to their creations. However, on the night of March 19th, only four days after being planted, all the Fallas must burn – to the delight of Valencians, who comment on how well or badly their Falla burned down.

But many other fiestas are also held in Valencia. As in most Spanish cities, there are the religious fiestas dedicated to the patron saints, in this case San Vicente Martir, San Vicente Ferrer and the Virgen de los Desamparados. There is also a regional holiday on October 9th, as well as other fiestas throughout the year – Corpus Christi, the July Fair, Christmas and the Epiphany.

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