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Las Añadas de España

Las Añadas de España
Las Añadas de España, an excellent delicatessen not far from the Estacion de Norte train station stocks all kinds of local specialties, including arroz bomba, the ultimate paella rice, so you can try your hand at making the Valencian specialty at home. It also has a good range of wines, and some knockout jamón ibérico.

Gourmet store in Valencia known for its exquisite selection of products, and also for organizing activities such as wine-tasting courses, themed exhibitions of different types of products, or special meals designed to provide new taste sensations for the palate.

If you need a bottle of wine and would like an overwhelming selection that would take hours to browse, then by all means head down to Las Añadas de España. Añadas means something like “seasons”, or “years”, and it’s not hard to imagine that every year of the last century is represented in their enormous collection. You’ll find bottles from all over Spain, with a special emphasis on wines of the Valencian Community. There are wines for any budget, whether you’re splurging for a special occasion or just spending a quiet night at home.

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