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Flamenco in Valencia

LA BULERIA- Tablao Flamenco

With more than a decade of professional experience in the world of flamenco and authentic restoration, the owners of La Bulería are hoping to reach a wide variety of the public with the magic and ancient charm of flamenco, the most exported cultural icon of recent times.

Down through the ages and with much patience flamenco has managed to forge itself into one of the most cultivated musical roots of any known. History has been entrusted with placing this art form on the pedestal it so justly deserves. We as part of this new project want to offer genuine performances of this ancestral part of our culture that we call flamenco.

La Bulería opens its doors in Valencia placing it in the forefront of Tablao Flamenco in the city, with the intention of presenting high quality artists and offering high quality gastronomy. This will bring together two of the most valued treasures of this country: Spanish cuisine and flamenco.

Address: Obispo Jaime Pérez, 24 46006 Valencia.
Phone: +34 963 815 661.


All tuesday flamenco show. Time: 23 hours. Ticket: 7€ with drink.

Every Tuesday night live Flamenco session at Radio City. in Barrio Carmen. This is one of the most affordable ways to experience authentic Spanish dance. If you don’t know it yet, Radio City is a retro bar/club, one of the most popular in Valencia with always mixture of people from around the world, dancing to its universal tunes. Most nights have a different theme of music, but the Tuesday night is flamenco night. It ‘s awesome.

Santa Teresa 19, 46001 Valencia, (Barrio del Carmen)
Phone: +34 963 914 151.


One of the most genuine Flamenco places. Cafe del Duende is a small and inimate bar on the edge of Carmen. It is a cosy space for some of the most authentic flamenco in Valencia. Some of the flamenco artists of Radio City and La Claca perform here, but Cafe del Duende also has a number of its own favourites.

The flamenco here doesn’t tend to have the dance part often – usually the guitar and the voice. Check their website if that is important – if you see "baile", then there will be dance as well.

From Wednesday to Saturday.

Address: Turia,62 46008 Valencia.
Phone: + 34 630 455 289

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