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Valencia Film Festival

International Film Festival in Valencia - Cinema Jove (2013)

International Film Festival in Valencia - Cinema JoveInternational Film Festival in Valencia - Cinema Jove reaches its 28th edition as a specialised film festival with an international ranking that is geared towards film professionals and which is always in search of brilliant filmmakers. Sala Berlanga, Sala Rialto, Instituto Francés, Las Naves, Teatro Principal, Jardines de Viveros, Institut Valencià de l'Audiovisual i la Cinematografia (IVAC) and Institut Valencià d'Art Modern (IVAM) will all be turned into temporary film venues for this specialist festival. The event is due to take place from 21 to 28 June and has become a platform for launching the careers of many talented young people.

The Official Section of this 28th Festival is screening 10 full-length feature films and 55 short films, transporting viewers to faraway worlds, parallel worlds. From Saudi Arabia to Norway, Serbia or Iraq, passing through Peru, Mexico and Greece, plus many more, all with one thing in common: they're all real worlds not so far removed from our own. For another year, the Festival outs the spotlight on rebellious filmmakers whose concerns are reflected in their narrative and visual style.

XXXII Mostra de Valencia (2011)

Mostra de ValenciaThe 32nd edition of the Mostra - Valencia's International Action and Adventure Film Festival - has a whole host of surprises in store. To start with, it is changing date and will be taking place this year between 7th to 14th April (making it the first festival of spring), and secondly, but no less importantly, is the person they have invited to open the Festival. This year it will be the American actress Daryl Hannah, known for her portrayal of the replicant in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, among many other roles.

Within the Daryl Hannah season, Valencia's Mostra Festival will be showing Blade Runner, by Ridley Scott; Wall Street, by Oliver Stone; Grumpy Old Men, by Donald Petrie and the two Kill Bill movies, by Quentin Tarantino.

Over this two-day event, you will have the chance to enjoy the films being shown in the official section, with the latest action and adventure productions, and a series of themed seasons paying tribute to this film genre.

In fact, the festival has announced the 19 films included in the official section of the festival, six of them outside the main competition. The latest films by Joe Wright, Duncan Johns and Jaume Collet Serra can also be seen at this edition of the festival. These are just a few of the 40 films making their Spanish debut at the Mostra Festival.

Valencia's Mostra Festival will also maintain and reinforce its support for the world of comics with a section dedicated specifically to this genre, building on the groundwork and experience gained at the previous edition.

Another of the main aims of the Mostra is to promote public interest in Valencian language productions and improve the audience's knowledge and understanding of them, by showing the best films of the year.

XXXI Mostra de Valencia (2010)

Mostra de ValenciaThe XXXI Valencia International Action and Adventure Film Festival is returning to the city to provide a showcase once again this year for great productions and pay tribute to the action and adventure film genre.

Until 23rd October, the Municipal Film Foundation, FNAC in San Agustín, the Principal Theatre and the Film Library, along with LYS cinemas, will be showing the films taking part in this acclaimed festival.

The aims of this festival include sparking audiences' interest about the Valencian film industry, promoting knowledge and understanding, and presenting the best films of the year. There are also various activities running parallel to this Valencian festival, such as the Comic Festival, which will include a season of films dedicated to Warner superheroes, and a tribute to the director and animator Peter Lord.

There will also be the Classics Festival, with a retrospective of emblematic genre films and the TV Festival, presenting new national and international trends in TV.

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