Metro in Valencia

The Metro Valencia consists of five lines (from which one is a tramway to the beach) and connects the suburbs with the city. As of June 2013, the one-way fare for one zone is €1.50. The ticket itself costs an additional €1 and contains a rechargeable chip. This metro system is not extensive, but can get you to major points within the city. If you want to take the tram, you have to buy a ticket from the machine, then validate it, before you get on.

If you use the metro a lot, you should consider getting a Bonometro (see above), or a one-, two- or three-day pass, which can be quite economical. For just over €22, you can ride for 72 hours on the metro and tram as much as you like during that time; a bonus is that if you buy a ticket at, for instance, 16:00 on a Monday, it will expire not on Wednesday night, but on 16:00 Thursday.

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