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IVAM Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno

IVAM Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno Centro Julio Gonzalez

Valencian Institute of Modern Art

Guillem de Castro 118, Valencia 46003.

Itinerary: El Carmen

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The Valencian Institute of Modern Art was created to explore and disseminate 20th century art through a comprehensive and attractive programme of activities such as exhibitions, conferences, courses, workshops and publications. Perched on the banks of the River Turia, with its back to the historic centre of Valencia, the IVAM comprises the Julio González Centre, opened in 1989, and the Sala de la Muralla, which was opened in 1991 and is located in the basement of the previous building alongside the remains of the city’s mediaeval fortifications.

The IVAM is a building that was opened in 1989 and it is divided into seven galleries intended for both permanent and temporary exhibitions. One of these, with independent access, exhibits the remains of the mediaeval wall of Valencia. The three main galleries are a succession of five halls laid out lineally. There is also a gallery specifically designed for the exhibition of sculptures. And between the temporary displays the IVAM offers the most outstanding modern art of the international panorama.

The Collection consists of over 10,000 works which illustrate the fundamental expressions of art in the twentieth century. The IVAM highlights include the iron Cubist/Surrealist sculptures of Julio Gonzalez and a significant body of work by local Modernist painter Ignacio Pinazo. The photography collection includes some impressive works by native son Gabriel Cuallado.

Julio González (1876-1942)

Julio González was strongly rooted in Barcelona's modernist movement, a friend of Picasso and an early exile in Paris, but also trained in the realistic and figurative aesthetic of traditional arts and crafts. Julio González is considered the father of sculpture in iron. He created his personal style in an attempt to incorporate space and time into his work, and in so doing he changed the meaning of iron, endowing it with new constructive and expressive values.

Julio González is an icon of contemporaneity. Consideration of the period in which he worked is virtually indispensable in order to understand what his thinking and creativity meant for the evolution of sculpture. His contribution to history is marked by a break with the past and by ideals that progressed beyond nineteenth-century Decadence, introducing new techniques of art that are still of great importance today.

Useful Information

Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00 h.

Monday closed.

General entrance: 2 euro
Students / Student card: 1 euro
Retired people: Free entrance

Civic and cultural groups (advanced booking): Free entrance
Other groups: 1,50 euro per person

Handicap: Free entrance

For children to 10 years: Free entrance

Sundays and public holidays: Free entry.

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Line 4 - Puente de Madera Station
Line 1 - Túria Station

IVAM Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno - Centro Julio Gonzalez Map

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