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Jardin de la Glorieta

La Glorieta

Glorieta Garden

Calle General Tovar

Itinerary: La Xerea

Category: main attraction

Composed mainly of native flora, this garden contain particularly impressive magnolia trees.

La Glorieta is home to monuments dedicated to famous Valencian personalities, including Doctor Gómez Ferrer, created by Paredes, except for the children at his feet who are by Luis Bolinche; the cast bronze bust dedicated to the painter Francisco Domingo Marqués by Mariano Benlliure, which was previously in Las Alamedidas de Serranos, and the busts of the painters Muñoz Degrian and Joaquín Agrasot, both works of the sculptor Francisco Maroc y Díaz – the first painted on top of a curved bench and the latter in bronze. The original bust of the sainetero Eduardo Escalante by Mariano Benlliure was also bronze and when the head was stolen, it was replaced by one in marble by Marco, with the monument to Escalante being placed in a garden in El Cabanyal.

This area is fringed by the streets General Palanca, General Tovar, Palacio de Justicia and Porta de la Mar.

Glorieta Garden Map

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