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Jardines del Real o Viveros

Jardines del Real

Royal Gardens

San Pio V

Itinerary: La Saidia

Category: main attraction sightseeing

This gardens in Valencia are called Jardines del Real by the valencians, which used to be part of the Royal Palace, or Viveros (greenhouses). It is the bigest park in the city and an ideal place to relax. On one side, it continues into the pretty jardines de Monforte and is fronted by the river Turia garden, which spans the XVI century royal bridge. A vast area of green provides fresh air for the city, so that no citizen can ever complain of a lack.

The Royal Gardens or Jardines del Real are located across the Turia riverbed from the ancient city centre, and once contained the Royal Palace. Throughout the 20th century, the gardens have been repopulated and beautified, and are now a favourite spot for Sunday morning walks. In the summer the central esplanade is converted into an improvised concert hall, especially during the July Fair, and in springtime the walkways are filled with bookstalls during the Feria del Libro. Other cultural events are also on the calendar.

Jardines del Real o Viveros Map

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