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Convento de la Trinidad

Convento de la Trinidad

Convent of the Trinity

La Trinidad 13, Valencia 46010.

Itinerary: La Saidia

Category: main attraction sightseeing

Not far from the Viveros garden and on one of the Turia River's old river banks you will find the oldest convent in Valencia that still serves its original function. It belongs and is used by the Royal Order of Holy Trinity Clarist nuns. It is made up of one building that has great historical importance. It was founded by queen Maria de Castilla, the spouse of Alfonso V, the Magnanimous. The queen had her tomb built in the cloister and that is where she is buried. The convent thrived in the 15th and 16th centuries, becoming an important cultural and religous center in the city. During this period of splendor, the celebrated writer, sister Isabel de Villena, was also abbess of the convent, while at the same time the great Valencian poet, Jaume Roig, was doctor for this religious order. The daughter of king Ferdinand the Catholic, Maria de Aragon was also a member of this order and is buried here. The building's architecture is very interesting because its construction included new techniques at the time, making it one of the most important buildings from Valencia in the 1400s.

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