Puente del Mar

Puente del Mar

Del Mar Bridge

Plaza de América - Paseo Alameda

Itinerary: Pla del Real

Category: main attraction sightseeing

The Puente de la Mar, is framed between Calatrava's construction and the Puente de Aragon and surrounded by palm trees. It was rebuilt after flooding in 1591 that destroyed the simple wooden bridge that stood in its place, and for centuries was the natural route connecting the city with the port. In 1933, the Puente de la Mar was closed to traffic thanks to a project by the architect Javier Goerlich, who also built the magnificent access stairways well into the 20th century. With overhanging benches on the supports, the bridge has ten pointed arches spanning great cutwaters. Along the top, two structures house images of the Virgin Mary and San Pascual Bailon.

Del Mar Bridge Map

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