Puente de San Jose

Puente de San Jose

San Jose Bridge

Blanquerias - Llano de Zaidia

Itinerary: El Carmen

Category: main attraction

The San Jose Bridge had three arches and the two sculptures on its cutwaters. The first known records of this bridge, which is also known as the Puente de la Santa Cruz, date back to the early 14th century. It was constructed opposite the Portal Nou Gate – which has now disappeared – to improve links with the Zaidia and Marchalenes districts.

The flood of 1517 destroyed much of the original structure, which was made of wood, and what we see today are the modifications carried out at the beginning of the 17th century using new materials, masonry and even three segmental arches. Two sculptures originally made for the bridge by the Italian sculptor Ponzanelli in the 18th century –of San Tomas de Villanueva and of San Luis Beltran– can now be found on the Puente de la Trinidad Bridge.

Puente de San Jose Map

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