Puente de la Exposicion

Puente de la Exposicion

Exhibition Bridge

Calle Justicia - Paseo de la Alameda

Itinerary: Pla del Real

Category: main attraction sightseeing

The Puente de la Exposicion –the white comblike work by Santiago Calatrava– spanning the riverbed between the ancient ashlars of the Puente del Real and the colourful splendour of the Puente de las Flores bridges. Together with the Puente de les Arts and the Puente del Regne, the Puente de la Exposición represents the height of modernity in the face of tradition.

With its sloped arch and four lanes of traffic, the Puente de la Exposicion is a faithful representation of what Calatrava strives for with all of his projects: a living work relating to each of its parts. He differentiates it from the cement bridge of the metro station that supports it, thereby transmitting forces in a natural way.

Traditionally known as La Peineta (an ornamental comb) on account of its unique shape, the bridge was designed by Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava. It is a harmonious construction that combines a work of engineering with impressive aesthetics. The bridge is built in high-tensile steel and is set on one single span, with a 14-metre high arch running from one end to the other. Also called "Puente de la Exposición" after a former bridge on that site that led to the area of the Regional Exhibition of 1909. Alameda underground station is below.

Puente de la Exposicion Map

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