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Valencia Escena Oberta

Theatre, music and dance will all feature in the International Festival of Scenic Arts- Valencia Escena Oberta-, which takes place in February. The festival is of a multi-disciplinary nature and its programme is based on non-conventional theatre, new drama and interdisciplinary experiences.

The festival is organised by the Fundación para el Teatro, la Música y la Danza de la Comunidad Valenciana, the town hall of Valencia through the town councillor for youth, Generalitat Valenciana and the Diputación de Valencia. Additionally, it has the sponsorship and collaboration of numerous private and public institutions and the use of the city’s streets as its main scenic space, spreading its shows over numerous unique and unusual places.

Valencia Escena Oberta (2011)

Valencia Escena ObertaThis edition will reveal all its charms throughout the twelve day period at various points around the city. The Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM), the El Musical Theatre and the Babel Cinemas are amongst the chosen venues.

A port container, a cute red tent and a machine-stage are just a few of the surprises in store at this unpredictable festival, and all represent the unconventional theatrical spaces that you can expect to see at VEO during its programme of events from the 16th to 27th February under slogan The Object.

This year València Escena Oberta has prepared the most eclectic line up with 17 events that range from theatre, dance, music and the circus to installations, performance and audiovisual presentations.

This year, there is also a place set aside for traditional crafts live on stage. Between 16th and 27th February, this exhibition will present three shows on the phenomena and philosophy of DIY.

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